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About Us 

When we decided to run a hospital, we wanted it to be a complete and perfect help to the patients. Hence the name HELP HOSPITALS!

Today when we look back the beginning from where we started, we are filled with great joy and contentment.

‘Service to Mankind is Service to Divine’ goes an Indian saying. Any profession if it is not blended with humanitarian spirit, it will remain futile Doctor is no
exception to this. The hos- pital is keenly interested in treating the needy and in making a difference in their lives.

No medical institution can afford to do well today without an excellent back up from its para clinical departments. I am very proud to say that we really have
the best paramedical staff in the city. Needless to mention our team of Doctors. They are the nerve and sinew of the hospital.

The hospital also hosts a regular once-a-month clinical meeting where presentation of interesting and difficult cases is made. Looking forward to extending
the Help to better the lives of people.