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When we decided to run a hospital, we wanted it to be a complete and perfect help to the patients. Hence the name HELP HOSPITALS! Today
when we look back the beginning from where we started, we are filled with great joy and contentment.Service to Mankind is Service to Divine’ goes
an Indian saying.

The Help Hospitals combines a network of Speciality care practices, outreach medical camps, and committed services throughout the district. Since
its inception in 2001, it has been revolutionizing medical practice in Vijayawada. Vijayawada, the political capital of Andhra Pradesh, by the banks of
the Krishna, is always dynamic and demanding. With a 10 lakh population it is a lively city, mirroring the tradition and heritage of the nation. Considered
one of the biggest railway junction of the country. Therefore it is well known to tourists and is easily accessible from all corners of India. An Airport at
Gannavaram, 20 kms from Vijayawada makes one reach the place easily. Recognized by the State Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, it is one of the best
hospitals in the coastal area. This academic medical center is a Level I Trauma Center and is the emergency- trauma-critical care and multi-Speciality
center for the region. Help Hospitals is the main trauma center among nearby provinces. We provide full medical emergency services to the regional and
near province clients. The advanced trauma inten- sive care unit is unique for all critical surgeries. Located at the prime place of the city, it is very easy
to reach the hospital from any corner of the city. Ambulances are always on to save lives.