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Our Doctors 

Dr. Surapaneni is the First Indian who had under gone the complete residency training program in this specialized field under Prof. Ivo Pitanguy. A legendary
that trained more than 400 surgeons from 40 different countries in the 43 years of history of his training institute. Prof. Pitanguy also set several mile stones
in the field of Aesthetic Plastic surgery by becoming one of the world’s best situate for the Hollywood and world celebrities for metamorphosing their body lines
by him. The warm climate, wonderful beaches and the western culture made the Brazilian’s to be more conscious of their shapely bodies and in turn they set
the goals for the rest in undergoing these cosmetic surgeries. Dr. Surapaneni also gained experience in Liposuction from Rome, Italy with Dr. Georgio Fischer;
Endoscopic Facial Procedures with Dr. Nicanor Isse of California, USA and attended to various internationally acclaimed surgeons in Paris, France and some
of the conferences.

Dr. Sailaja Kaza attained M.D. in Dermatology from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with Prof. R. D. Azulay. A senior professor and a popular figure of Dermatology in
Latin America and been considered as father of Dermatology with an out standing academic contribution. Dr. Sailaja got selected for the American Academy
of Dermatology visiting resident’s scholarship program and had an opportunity to work under Dr. William James (Editor & Author of several internationally
acclaimed Dermatology text books) at University of Pennsylvania, USA. She is also a qualified in M.D. Aesthetic Medicine and quite knowledgeable in the field
of Cosmetic Dermatology and well trained with Lasers, Acid Peels, Botox, Microdermabrasion (Skin Polishing), management of Acne, Hair and skin